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Bull's Eye Lie Angle Fitting Putter


An ambidextrous classic bull’s eye putter with a telescopic shaft that lengthens from 28 to 39”. The putter lie can be adjusted by as much as 8 degrees from standard.

The adjustability of this putter is adequate for the majority of the golfing population.

New 2017

2435,00 SEK

Product Height Length Weight
160225 0 cm 0 cm 0 kg

Measuring products

498,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
8892,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
491,25 SEK (incl.VAT)
747,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
2138,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
597,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
1011,25 SEK (incl.VAT)
828,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
7868,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
1311,25 SEK (incl.VAT)
990,00 SEK (incl.VAT)
306,25 SEK (incl.VAT)