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Air Gripper


The GOLFMECHANiX Air Gripper is designed to help you quickly install and safely uninstall grips. It features a transparent, removable, blow-out prevention tube with machined ridges for better handling.

Original grips can be removed and preserved for re-installation without damage. Air compressor required.

Universal adapter included.

661,25 SEK

Product Height Length Weight
110850-UA 0 cm 0 cm 0 kg

Regripping products

372,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
163,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
265,00 SEK (incl.VAT)
577,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
48,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
297,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
551,25 SEK (incl.VAT)
1666,25 SEK (incl.VAT)
660,00 SEK (incl.VAT)
163,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
497,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
905,00 SEK (incl.VAT)