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Grip and Shaft Dimensioning Combination Gauge


This versatile gauge will measure grip size and butt end of shafts on both men’s and ladies’ clubs, including undersized, standard and oversized.

Easily measures right-handed and left-hand grip size. Also measures shaft tip.

New 2017

560,00 SEK

Product Height Length Weight
060200 0 cm 0 cm 0 kg

Measuring products

498,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
8892,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
491,25 SEK (incl.VAT)
747,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
2138,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
597,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
1011,25 SEK (incl.VAT)
828,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
7868,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
1311,25 SEK (incl.VAT)
990,00 SEK (incl.VAT)
306,25 SEK (incl.VAT)