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,600" Butt Double Ended Steel Extenders for Steel Shaft Each




These Steel Shaft Extenders are produced from the same chrome-alloys as steel shafts, conferring to the extenders the fit and consistency of a like to like coupling.

The extenders are 12" long with an 8 1/2" parallel mid sections that when cut in the middle create two 4 1/4" extensions. Each section has a swagged tapered end 1"5/8 long that fits perfectly inside the shaft.

The extenders are chrome plated.

33,38 SEK

Product Height Length Weight
290140-SS60 0 cm 0 cm 0 kg

Shaft Extenders products

37,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
33,38 SEK (incl.VAT)
33,38 SEK (incl.VAT)
133,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
92,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
722,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
92,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
92,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
21,00 SEK (incl.VAT)
402,50 SEK (incl.VAT)
638,75 SEK (incl.VAT)
638,75 SEK (incl.VAT)