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Surebonder PRO-100 Std Golf Club Weighting Kit


Standard Golf Club Weighting Kit Overview

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Standard Golf Club Weighting Kit Overview

This Golf Club Weighting Kit has been put together specifically for golf club customization. Included in this golf club kit is the Surebonder Pro 100 glue gun and a golf club weight hot melt cartridge with a 3" nozzle. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers this kit at an affordable price.

The hot melt offers a strong bond that will continue to be tacky after it's added to the club. Why is this adhesive perfect for golf club weighting? Since the hot melt remains tacky after application it will not crack or fracture inside the hosel due to vibrations.

Replacement Cartridges

This system will only work with the Infinity Standard Golf Weighting Cartridges

Kit Includes:

Surebonder Pro 100 Glue Gun

Standard Golf Club Adhesive Cartridges with 3" Nozzle

2-Pack Hosel Plugs for metal Woods

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