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Bulk Golf Club Customization Kit


Golf Club Hot Melt Customization Kit Overview


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Golf Club Hot Melt Customization Kit Overview

For our golf customization experts, improving the world one golf swing at a time. Every golfer's body and swing are unique and quite a few attributes go into creating the best golf club. Height, arm length, hand size, and swing speed all help determine the weighting needed to create the perfect swing for customers.

A pressure sensitive hot melt is the best for weighting the clubs because it has some flex to it, meaning when someone hits the golf ball the hot melt won't crack and rattle around. The precision nozzle included in this kit attaches easily to the Champ 3, which gives you the necessary extension and precision needed to get the hot melt into the club.

Golf Club Hot Melt Customization Kit Includes:

Glue Machinery Champ 3 Glue Gun

Permanent Pressure Sensitive

3" Hosel Nozzle

5-Pack of Hosel Plugs for Metal Woods

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