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Vilken "Lie & Loft Machine" är bäst.... Tycker ni?

Alla som vill köpa en "bocknings" maskin frågar oss "vilken Lie & Loft Machine är bäst.... tycker ni?"

#150505 Pro-Tour Iron and Hybrid Lie & Loft Bending Gauge. Den ger mest för pengarna och en #150625 Short Hosel Bending Bar ingår!

"A classic and up to date design that harkens back to the days when clubhead manufacturers followed the 24/38 benchmark.

All that a clubmaker had to do back then was to mount the iron in the gauge at the corresponding clubhead number to determine whether the iron had a stronger or weaker loft, and by how many degrees it had to be adjusted to yield the distance gap and flight trajectory that worked best for the golfer.

Top Class!"

Peter Qvarfordt